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You know. I was just thinking, if The Diamonds aren't sister and everybody ship Blue and Yellow Diamond, so why don't ship Pink with White. Then it hit me. What if White felt affection for Pink but she couldn't return felling. Like" I love you too, White, but not the way you love me. You are like a sister for me. I'm so sorry." Just imagine that. You are perhaps the most powerful being in the whole universe. Every creature would die for 1 second of your attention. And when you finally fell in love with somebody she just REFUSE!!! You try to get near her, to show convince to her of your true love but she can't return your felling. You are full of sadness and rage. You want to get your revenge for this abasement. Meanwhile on Earth the rebellion has started. What a great occasion! You go to Earth and shatter her ( not without tears). You change memories of every witness that they saw Rose Quartz, not you. You also change memories of Rose that she did it. When everything was done you came back Homeworld.
This is based on D-issimulate's Blog entry.

This is a SU roleplay with these OCs and any canon characters: :thumb684603425: (the anatomy's so off lol

Mostly SFW please. No fetish or gore is allowed
AUs are allowed.. though i'd like to pick the animal AU specifically if you want one
Semi-advanced literate in RP is allowed. Emoticon/script/non-detailed RP is not.

All of my OCs are from homeworld, so sorry if you're looking for a CG character.

What my writing will look like:
Banded Amethyst grinned as she settled on Earth with the other quartz soldiers on Blue Diamond's court. She wanted to cause chaos, and there was nothing stopping her. Not even the agates. The agates were commanding the ship, like always. Their mission was something she remembered. She wasn't that dumb- she was wise enough to mess around long enough without getting caught. But when they got caught, it meant big consequences.... The agates were scary to all of them, even though she had been with one, Banded Black and white Agate, for the rest of her life.

"Please follow your mission as stated on the ship's post-board" Black and white agate said, Frosted Sagenite pointing to the board. "If you don't, there will be grave consequences," Holly Blue said. The gems then stepped off, Banded Amethyst still smirking as she had a plan up her sleeve.
Looking for peeps to RP with my Emerald Gemsonas: Emerald and Onyx by D-issimulate

-Must be SFW
-No mary-sues or god modding

A little bit about her:
-Despite the fact that she has yellow on her clothes she is no longer affiliated with Yellow Diamond.
-A complete nerd.
-Located in Beach City
-Doesn't live with the crystal gems

I'm looking for peeps that RP in paragraph form since I personally dislike script and find it extremely lazy

Here's an example of my writing:

Emerald crept by the arcade in silence, despite that it was broad daylight and the place was open ever since she had been officially banned from there Mr. Smiley had given her a nasty glare every time she passed by. The green gem gave a small shudder remembering said man giving her the look but kept going. Today she had no intention of sneaking into the arcade, instead she was heading to the pizza shop to meet up with a friend who was waiting for her.

If you're interested please comment below with the gem you'll be using!
Regular sketch: $5

Flat colored: $15
Black Diamond gemsona by nikki45e

Shaded: $25
Opal by nikki45e

Chibi sketch: $2

Flat colored chibis: $5
memes yo by nikki45e

Shaded chibis: $8
Meow Meow by nikki45e

I have no examples of sketches but they will be clean sketches.

Prices may vary on the complexity of the character.

I only have payapl as method of payment.

I will draw Lewds but they cost more.

I wont draw furry or pony versions of anything.

Please PM me or comment if you're interested!

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