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This is based on D-issimulate's Blog entry.

This is a SU roleplay with these OCs and any canon characters: :thumb684603425: (the anatomy's so off lol

Mostly SFW please. No fetish or gore is allowed
AUs are allowed.. though i'd like to pick the animal AU specifically if you want one
Semi-advanced literate in RP is allowed. Emoticon/script/non-detailed RP is not.

All of my OCs are from homeworld, so sorry if you're looking for a CG character.

What my writing will look like:
Banded Amethyst grinned as she settled on Earth with the other quartz soldiers on Blue Diamond's court. She wanted to cause chaos, and there was nothing stopping her. Not even the agates. The agates were commanding the ship, like always. Their mission was something she remembered. She wasn't that dumb- she was wise enough to mess around long enough without getting caught. But when they got caught, it meant big consequences.... The agates were scary to all of them, even though she had been with one, Banded Black and white Agate, for the rest of her life.

"Please follow your mission as stated on the ship's post-board" Black and white agate said, Frosted Sagenite pointing to the board. "If you don't, there will be grave consequences," Holly Blue said. The gems then stepped off, Banded Amethyst still smirking as she had a plan up her sleeve.
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